Wendy Sarkissian
A new direction for me!

I am a grieving person, not a psychologist, grief counselor, or bereavement therapist. A qualified urban planner and educator, I hold a doctorate in professional ethics. I am 77 years old.

Before the car crash that took the life of my husband, Karl Langheinrich  in early 2016, I was a prominent member of the urban and community planning professions.

Karl Langheinrich in 2000

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I specialized in community engagement, social research, and housing, am the author of several award-winning professional books, and a sought-after conference speaker and facilitator. 

From the small village of Nimbin in northern New South Wales (about 100 miles south of Brisbane), I operated a niche consulting business as a community planner.

Most of my clients were local municipalities.

Canadian-born and raised in Vancouver, I lived in many Australian cities and towns after emigrating to Australia in 1968.

Aside from my husband, I have few relatives, having grown up in a dysfunctional Canadian family beset by financial hardship, alcoholism, mental illness, and abuse. 

Migrating to Australia at age 25, I learned to forge a new life in my adopted country – a country I fiercely love.

Although I had lots of life experience with trauma, beginning with my childhood, I had no direct knowledge of injury or trauma on the scale I experienced after Karl’s death.

moving forward

Now, over four years after the crash that killed my husband, I am eagerly moving forward. I have completed my book, and I am getting back to my life with renewed vigor.

Staying close to our loved ones who have died can heal us so that we can receive their support, reassurance, tender loving, and guidance as we move forward on our own healing journeys.


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