getting a feel for it: some ways of senSIng the lessons of the gratitude gateway

  1. WASHED BY LOVE: How can I get in touch with the sense of “being washed by Love” when things get tough, and I lose my sense of gratitude?
  2. APPRECIATING CLOSE PEOPLE: How can I keep appreciating those who are close to me even when we might disagree?
  3. ACCEPTING CONTRADICTIONS: How can I allow and experience the apparent contradictions of grief, appreciation, and gratitude so that they can co-exist within me? How can I play with these concepts to keep myself grounded?
  4. VALUING MY WISDOM: How can I value my innate wisdom so that I can act on instinct and avoid over-thinking things?

5. MY OBSERVER SELF: How can I listen to my “observer self” and not be drawn into negativity when it is possible to reframe a difficult situation?

6. THREE BLESSINGS: How can I identify three blessings every day – or three things that went well or bring me joy? How can I learn to breathe in the essence of each blessing or joy?

7. FINDING JOY IN SMALL THINGS: How can I find more joy in the small things in my life?

8. SENSING THE GRATITUDE IMPULSE: How can I better sense (and then remember) what it feels like when the gratitude impulse arises in me?

9. “SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT”: How can I pay attention to positive moments in my life that give me “something to think about”?

10. DWELLING IN GRATITUDE: How can I play with the concept of “dwelling in gratitude” so that I can feel gratitude when I am not necessarily doing anything conscious to be grateful?

11. DARING GREATLY: How can I convert the sense of “getting kicked around” into a sense of gratitude?

12. GOD WANTS WHAT I WANT: How can I find ways to remind myself that God wants what I want?