Here are some actions for “actually doing” gratitude:

  1. REFRAMING: How can I reframe potentially hurtful, threatening, and unhelpful responses – to draw boundaries to protect myself as I journey from despair to gratitude?
  2. WISE FRIENDS AND ADVISORS: How can I use my wise friends and advisors as reality checks and sources of sound advice so that I can nourish my gratitude?

3. STAYING OPEN: How can I find ways to stay open to my grief and allow gratitude to flourish again when I feel like shutting down?

4. A GOOD BOOK: How can I find an author whose work on gratitude or related subjects seems particularly helpful? How might I find other works by that same author?

5. THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE: What approaches might work for me to access the healing power of Nature and natural environments to support me to heal my grief and express authentic gratitude for my life?