getting a feel for it: some ways of sensing the lessons of the forgiveness gateway  

  1. SENSING MY TRAUMA STORY: How can I develop a full sense of my trauma story so that I can understand what it means to be living it now?
  2. PARADIGM SHIFTS: How can I accept the potential for a paradigm shift – a complete reframing of forgiveness issues about my loved one who has died?
  3. ACCESSING MY CONSCIENCE: How can I better understand forgiveness issues as moral acts and understand the moral consequences of forgiveness?
  4. IS THERE STILL MORE TO FORGIVE? How can I look for still more to forgive with my loved one who has died? Breaches of trust? Betrayals? Misunderstandings? Blaming? Shaming?
  5. HEALING ALL MY RELATIONSHIPS: How can I find ways to heal all of my relationships, not just my relationship with the one who has died?
  6. DEEP FEELINGS: How can I get in touch with any deep feelings of anger and abandonment that I may still be harboring? How can I then find and employ helpful ways to deal with those feelings?
  7. DEALING WITH WHAT ARISES: How can I find ways to deal with whatever topics arise in communication with my departed one and examine the implications for forgiveness on both sides?
  8. RELEASING BLAME: How can I find ways to release any blame toward my departed loved one and not continue to hold onto it?