1. JOURNALING AND EXPRESSIVE WRITING: Could I consider doing some expressive writing about my feelings in my journal to promote new ways of thinking about my grief, my life, my future, and a potential survivor mission?
  2. DIALOGUING WITH YOUR LOVED ONE: Could I consider engaging in a dialogue with my departed loved one – as an initial experience – perhaps to keep grief and loneliness at bay – and to suggest the possibility of a survivor mission?

3. IMAGINING A SURVIVOR MISSION: What might a survivor mission be that I could engage in – to honor the memory of my loved one? What might it look like?

4. BENEFITS OF A SURVIVOR MISSION: How do I feel I could benefit from engaging in a survivor mission? Who else might benefit?

5. SURVIVOR MISSION RESOURCES: How could I locate existing organizations or programs I possibly could link to in my proposed survivor mission?

6. SURVIVOR MISSION SUPPORTS: What sorts of supports would I need to establish a survivor mission (people, resources, finance, moral support, etc.) so that it could be successful?

7. FEET TO THE FIRE: How might I find (and keep) people who can support me and keep my “feet to the fire” as I attempt to engage in my survivor mission?

8. SUCCESS OF SURVIVOR MISSION: How will I know when my survivor mission has been successful?

9. SURVIVOR MISSION FULFILLED: How will I know when my survivor mission has been completed and fulfilled?

10. CELEBRATING A SURVIVOR MISSION: In what ways could I acknowledge and celebrate the success of my survivor mission? Who needs to be involved?