Book 1 Baptism: Life with Karl

This book and this blog are in two parts (or two Books, Book 1 and Book 2).

Book 1, Baptism: Life with Karl describes our meeting, our marriage, our relationship and the remarkable circumstances of Karl’s life and death.

It contains three chapters and a total of 28 blog posts  (Posts 16a to 44). 


Chapter 1, “Losing Karl” has three posts (Posts 18 to 20) and tells the story of the car crash that claimed his life and nearly killed me, as well as my first contact with Karl after his death.


I recount “My Life with Karl” in 16 posts in Chapter 2 (Posts 21 to 36).


Chapter 2 is followed by Chapter 3, “My Seasons of Loss,” a chronicle of my first 15 months following his death (Posts 37 to 44).

In those eight posts, I describe the many challenges I encountered (including being flooded out of temporary accommodation, resulting in a violent PTS attack), as I navigated the first year and a half of my mourning journey.