Fremantle, Western Australia, 3 February 1993

Advertisement, “Possibilities” column, FREMANTLE GAZETTE:

The wording of my “Personals” advertisement

The answer was Karl

A man named Karl replies to my mailbox at the Fremantle Gazette:

Hi, your advert positively shouted at me. You sound very much like someone I would like to know. You embrace many of the things so seemingly rare among the current society. I have a strong belief in the “GAIA Concept.” In case you’re unfamiliar with this, I believe in the principles of balance, harmony and the inter-dependence of all things. I am also interested in philosophy and social psychology. This little brown Duck would truly like to find a woman with intellect and soul. I would like to share some of my growth with someone who knows the meaning of honesty, personal growth and positivity.

Karl’s mother later tells me that our relationship was almost “recycled before it began.” Karl had all but abandoned dating via newspaper personals columns because he seemed to attract only women interested in his bank balance — he had none — instead of his views on politics or philosophy. Several were line dancers. Never a dancer, Karl found the prospect of a line dancer partner abhorrent.

He is recycling a pile of newspapers at his mother’s house when one lands on the kitchen floor. She picks it up and reads the one advertisement he had circled earlier (mine).

“This one looks interesting,” she remarks.

Mindful of his Romani heritage where magic was always on the cards, Karl reckons it is a significant omen.