After your loved one has died (if you are with them and have enough privacy), you can try a simple ritual to establish a connection. (I used this ritual after Karl died.)

Invoke your guides’ support and ask for guidance from your own and your loved one’s Higher Selves.

Then invoke the protection of a pulse of bright blue light.

You may then gently hold any part of their body with your left hand and draw energy up from the Earth, through your feet, legs, and torso.

As that energy reaches your heart, you can transmute that energy into pure love and send it out through your left hand to your loved one. You can do this confidently, even if you do not feel the energy moving in your body. It works!

As you transmit the energy, you may feel it enter their body wherever you are touching them. Just let that energy flow. You may also sense them drawing the energy from you.

This silent ritual does not need to last long. A few minutes are enough. You can then remove your hand and bless your departed one. You will have established your channel of connection. In the future, you should be able to invoke their presence when you wish to connect, to send messages, and to hear their words in return.