Although I am a slow convert to acceptance, I am finally getting the knack of it.

Karl repeatedly reminds me: Ask for the help that you need and believe that you will receive it.

A few days after the flood, he admonishes me:

Yesterday, you forgot this basic truth. When you invoked me, you did not feel it or believe it. Now, after all the great miracles that have occurred in the last few months, you must believe this basic fact: we are a team, and you will get all the help you need — and more! All you need to do now is relax and let the miracles happen.

Karl explains that the flood will have no long-lasting negative consequences for me. Instead, I will see it as a blessing, as it saves me a massive amount of work. My insights give him hope for my future.

A turning point

The flood is a critical turning point in my relationship with accepting that I can trust. Until that time, I was listening to Karl’s advice and trying to act on it, but continually worrying that I was putting my trust in an illusion — a dead man speaking from beyond the grave.

I suffer despite Karl’s repeated reassurances: “Don’t forget that this love is real, these words are real, your own Beloved, who loves you, is real.”

After the flood, my attitude changes dramatically. I accept the benefits I have received from our correspondence during the past year and how it has enriched my life.

our letters saved my life

I tell Karl in February 2017:

“Now I have this amazing correspondence. It is awash with love and care. Our letters saved my life! I would have died if I have lost all communication with you.”

Although I am traumatized, I am a changed person after the flood, with a sense of entitlement to miracles. I become adept at miraculous thinking. I begin to feel accepting, worthy, deserving, even hopeful.

Karl picks this up immediately, telling me on 13 January 2017, nearly two weeks after the flood:

You deserve to have good things come your way — now and into the future. I am not a magician; I am an agent of superior powers or forces dedicated to the evolution of your consciousness. All you need to do now is trust. Just remember how we made that wonderful house together. And how we learned the true meaning of love. After that, we can do anything.

Now I am alert to the flood’s benefits.

I tell Karl:

“The flood has more or less solved the ‘getting-rid-of-things’ problem – as it destroyed so much. It came at a good time – I am really ‘sorted’ in so many realms. It’ll be inconvenient – but not tragic.”

Nevertheless, the whole experience is highly stressful, as I report two days later: “I’m much too upset. I feel weak, vulnerable, hopeless, and exhausted when I look at this mess – such a massive job I have to do – and to move to Canada in four months!”

And the miracles keep coming, as the compensation case unfolds to my advantage and delight.

Where there is great love there are always miracles

Later I read a quotation by Willa Cather that captures how I feel at this time:

“Where there is great love there are always miracles.”