getting a feel for it: some ways of sensing the lessons of the acceptance gateway

  1. ACCEPTING THE STORY OF MY LOSS: How can I develop a full understanding of the story of my loss?
  2. AN ENLARGED VIEW: How can I develop the capacity to see my new circumstances from a broader perspective?
  3. ALLOWING GRIEF: How can I enable grief to creep in while still allowing the new realities of my life to dawn to me?
  4. SENSING BLESSINGS: How can I sense blessings even though I may feel diminished in my new reality?
  5. TRANSFORMING REGRET: How can I imagine transforming the potential for regret as I accept my new reality?
  6. ACCEPTING OTHERS’ ADVICE: How can I develop the capacity to make wise decisions about always needing to accept others’ advice?
  7. WELCOMING UNWELCOME ADVICE: How can I learn to manage and handle advice, even when it’s unwelcome?
  8. TAPPING INTO SUPPORT: How can I tap into the support of a departed loved one when I feel lonely and directionless?
  9. RADICAL TRUST: How can I learn to build radical trust that I will be all right, without second-guessing. How can I practice with the idea of “handing over” responsibility for at least some decisions?
  10. ENTITLEMENT TO MIRACLES: How can I begin honestly to feel that I am entitled to miracles?
  11. THE GIFT OF EARTHLY LIFE: How can I find ways to bless the gift of my Earthly life?
  12. GOD WANTS WHAT I WANT: How can I learn to believe that God wants what I want?
  13. ACCEPTING THE FLOW: How can I sense and accept the “flow” in my life, when things happen naturally? How can I find ways to stay in this state?
  14. THE POWER OF MY NEW WAY OF BEING: How can I tap into the power of my new way of being (even though I may be uncertain or frightened)?
  15. ALIGNED INTENTIONS: How can I sense if my intentions align with those of my departed loved one?
  16. RESTING ON MY LAURELS: How can I accept that I have passed the necessary tests and can rest a while on my laurels?