Karl-Heinz Langheinrich, BA (Murdoch University), BSW (Sydney University), is the co-dreamer of this book and its guiding spirit.

To Karl, I offer my heart and a bouquet of joyful and wholehearted appreciation!

The journey of writing this book is inextricably intertwined with my journey of healing from the grief of losing Karl in 2016. It’s impossible to separate the threads of my appreciation.

I offer a huge bouquet of spring blossoms to two courageous Uki men, Rob Brims and Ben Birkett, who dove into our submerged car, risking their lives in numerous brave attempts to rescue Karl.

Deepest thanks to members of the NSW Police and NSW Ambulance Services, who rescued me from the Tweed River and helped me in numerous ways afterward, and to the casualty, radiology, social work, psychiatric, medical and nursing staff of the Tweed Memorial Hospital for caring for me so tenderly and compassionately after the crash.

My great friend, Rose Gardener, to whom this book is dedicated, held me and held me together with the tremendous blessings of listening, driving, listening, digging, concreting, listening, raking, moving, packing and unpacking, listening, coffee and breakfasts, pizza, listening, walks by the sea, sacred poetry, listening, and astute and compassionate spiritual guidance. And listening.

I bow in gratitude to my core group of supporters (my minyan) in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, who helped me in every imaginable way: Andrew (my surrogate son and wise mentor), Geoff, Wendy T, Wendy H, Kev and Lee-Anne and their family, Don, Lori, David W, Anne D, Angela, Petrea and Wendie, Andi, Clare, Colette, Carol and Don, Vanda, Jennifer, Shelagh, Dawne, Chris, Michael and Steph.

My beautiful, heartbroken sister-in-law, Christa Terry, who adores her brother, is a beacon, huge practical support, and a loving friend. My deepest gratitude to you and Ron, Christa.

I am most grateful to my nephew Duncan, who implemented his mother’s wise advice with timely crowd-funding for Karl’s funeral expenses. Many friends donated (some anonymously) to that appeal. I thank all of you again.

Raph, Lori, John, Kev, and David Mac provided invaluable strategic road safety advice and assistance that supported my successful survivor mission to raise funds and awareness to repair the road where Karl died. John W. has been a powerful emotional support in the later stages of writing this book.

I thank many wise reviewers who read all or parts of this book in draft: Lori, Andrew, Kent, Jennifer, Petrea, Becky, Wendie, Anne D, Anna, Leonie, Shelagh, Rose, Anne G, Clare, Carol, Carolyn, Noel, David D, David W, Don, Colette, Jane, Jean Margaret, Diane, Steph, Monica, and Robyn, Yollana, John, and Adele.

For practical support (from plumbing and gardening to landscaping, finding housing, chauffeuring, graphics, flag-painting, flowers, massages, house repairs and a lovely New Zealand holiday), I deeply thank these loving people: Amelia and Brisbane’s Just Earth Cafe, Bill, Christine, Andrea, Francesca, Miriam, Gordon, Robyn, Peter H, Andrew B, Ana, Anna, Yollana, Michelle, Lori and David, Hana and Louisa, Maxine, Tracy, Rose, Nathan, Madeleine, Lillian, Geoff, Klaus, Daniel, David L, Debbie and Maya, Kev, Steph, Lis, “Blokes 4 Karl”, Eddie, Becky, Brendan, Brigitta, Nathan, Kent, Petrea, Wendie, Wendy H, Kev, Lee-Anne, Dawne, Triny, Chris, Nick, Mee Kam, Michael, Paddy, Bill, Gaelle, Amelia, Alda, Pam, Leo, Angela, and Litsa.

For celebrating my departure from Australia, I will never forget the gracious arrangements and marvellous farewells and stories of Wendy T, Monica, Michael K, Geoff, Angela, Don, Peter L, Kristin, Michael A, Suzy, Patsy, Peter, Mike, and Jan.

For psychological, psychic, and spiritual support, I gratefully acknowledge Rose, Yollana, Andrew R, Michelle, James, Linda, Petrea, the Quest for Life Foundation, Angela H, Angela K, Jack, Vanda, Margaret, Noel, Grant, Natalie, Mike, David D., John, and Adele.

For legal support, I am grateful to Peter L, the other Peter L, and Michael J. For helping and empowering me in the final resolution of complicated and infuriating legal matters, I especially thank the very special Peter L. and the other equally magical and special Peter L.

I am deeply grateful to Petrea King, Founder, Quest for Life Foundation, Bundanoon, New South Wales, and the management and staff of QFL for gifting me a five-day residential healing retreat in 2016. In this regard,  also acknowledge the compassion, love and support of Wendie Batho.

For boosting my courage and activist spirits, I thank Geoff at Inner Sydney Voice, Engage2Act (Desley, Becky, Amy, Crispin, Andrew, Sally), Steph, Kev, Lori, Mee Kam, and the passionate and courageous activists of the Pang Jai fabric market and their supporters in Hong Kong.

For inspiring my activist passions, I thank the Mayor, the management, staff, and the Sydney-based legal advisor to Tweed Shire Council, NSW. I also thank the Tweed Shire Council most sincerely for repairing a section of the Kyogle Road near Braeside Road, Uki, NSW.

I thank Cr. Katie Milne, Mayor of Tweed Shire, for her support for the Bless this Road event in September 2018.

I thank many friends, including John, Liam, Rose, Steph, Yollana, Kerrie, Jason, Jeb, Luke, Francesca, Miriam, and Armonica’s, for support for the Bless this Road event.

For assessment, editorial, and agent services, I express my warm gratitude to D. Patrick Miller of Fearless Literary, Napa, California.


Finally, I kneel in gratitude to Gaia, my protector. Thank you, oh, thank you, for returning my life to me.


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