About Dr Wendy Sarkissian

About Dr Wendy Sarkissian

Dr Wendy Sarkissian, an eminent urban planning professional, holds a PhD in professional and environmental ethics. Co-author of numerous award-winning professional books and recipient of over forty professional awards, she is a sought-after conference speaker and facilitator.

For her professional resume, see www.sarkissian.com.au

Since early 2016, forced to retire by injuries sustained in the vehicle crash that killed her husband, Karl Langheinrich, Wendy has been developing approaches to healing from loss and grief, using her pioneering reconnecting approach.

That approach is described in her book: Stay Close: How to Heal from Grief and Keep Connected to One Who has Died and presented in detail in this blog, Stay Close.


To order my recently published ebook, please go to: https://amzn.to/2CR6q29