Reframing: Rose Gardener’s Example

My Sufi friend, Rose Gardener, is one of my closest companions on my healing journey. She understands that “companioning” is a bold and heartfelt way to support a grieving person.

And Rose is a dab hand at reframing. Rose shows me how sometimes gratitude can arise from a simple reframing of an unpleasant situation like the one I recounted in the previous post.

After being released from the hospital following Karl’s death, I spend a few days in Brisbane. The day I arrive home to Nimbin, I am in an utterly stunned condition. Although everything in my life has changed in less than a week — and all my identities have disappeared — everything looks normal at our house. Karl’s sister Christa is there to meet me. She’s found an apron and is cooking dinner.

Karl and Christa, 2012

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