Welcome to My Stay Close Blog

Welcome to my Stay Close blog.

In this blog, I share my insights from a journey into the deepest heart of love, loss and grief. That journey has lasted over four years and continues, although I can happily report that my life is softening, and my most acute grief is resolving.

Here I share the contents of a book that I wrote following the sudden death of my husband and soul partner, Karl Langheinrich, in February 2016.

Karl in his new hat, 2008

My intention in writing my recently published book, Stay Close: How to Heal from Grief and Keep Connected to One Who Has Died, is to help others as I healed my own shock, grief and loss.

My book outlines a healing model that really truly works! I have shared its contents with many grieving people and have experienced profound healing by doing the exercises in the book and in this blog.

I love Karl with all my heart. Ours is a remarkable relationship. And what is even more remarkable is that our communication continues after Karl’s death.

To order my recently published ebook, please go to: https://amzn.to/2CR6q29

The posts in this blog

I have blogged the whole Stay Close book, in the order of the chapters I have written. There are a total of 168 blogs.

This is my personal endeavor that I am undertaking to share what I have learned. I want to shine my particular light into what to me, at times, seemed like impenetrable darkness – the darkness of loss and grief.

I want to sing my song and tell my story boldly. And I want to dream my dream that my hurts will be healed. I want to affirm that healing is possible. That it is possible for all of us who were so shattered by Karl’s sudden, violent and untimely death.

And I want to affirm that love endures. And that there is life after loss.

I pray that my story will be healing and life-affirming for others.

Like the poet Mark Nepo, who survived cancer to go on to focus on healing in his writing, I was not saved to be untouched. This experience has changed me — and for the better. Healing from loss can be a life-changing and life-enhancing experience.

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I’d be delighted to communicate with anyone about my blog, my book, and my journey.

Please do write to me at [email protected]

With blessings and hope,

To order my recently published ebook, please go to: https://amzn.to/2CR6q29


The posts in this blog follow the pages of my book.

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To order my recently published ebook, please go to: https://amzn.to/2CR6q29