The Daily Conversations

Making a physical place sacred supports our sacred intentions. If I am at home, I light a candle and cleanse the space I am in before reaching out to Karl. If I am elsewhere, I imagine that I am doing that.

preparation for journaling

You can prepare with a few simple exercises:

  1. Clear your mind and set your intention: to connect with your loved one for their highest purpose.
  2. Clear a space in front of you.
  3. Spread out three photographs of them and drink in the pleasure of their presence.
  4. Reread your previous day’s journal entry to refresh your connection.
  5. Then close your eyes and remember how your loved one was, especially what they did. Try to visualize them from all angles. Concentrate on their actions. Connect with the image of them that you sense powerfully and energetically: an image of them doing something.
  6. You may then write the following:

Three blessings: things that went well the previous day or three things that brought you joy. Breathe in a sense of gratitude as you do that.

Appreciation of your loved one: a few sentences that focus on an action or activity you appreciated in the person’s life. Be as tangible as possible. Focus on action. Remember details and seek depth and clarity.

This process opens the gate to further communication.

Write to your loved one

Keeping an image in your mind of them actively doing things, you can begin to write to them. Just let it flow, like automatic writing. Ignore any concerns that rise about handwriting, spelling, or grammar. Just write. Permit yourself to write about uncomfortable, intimate, and taboo subjects. Imagine this as the most intimate possible exchange between the two of you. Keep breathing, feel grounded, and feel the channel of connection to them fill with your love, your messages, and the emotions you are communicating.

When it feels right, draw your communication to a close with an expression of gratitude, appreciation, and the expectation of further contact. Regardless of the content of your conversation, close with a direct expression of love toward them.

Write back from your loved one

Then you can take another deep breath and feel your loved one in your body. Feel their presence. Then just start writing their words to you. Listen deeply and carefully to the timbre of their voice, the way they emphasized certain words, their unique way of speaking.

Let their words flow through you and keep re-energizing the connection by breathing deeply and visualizing your loved one as clearly as you can.

Often I ask God to help me here to help me move past shallow communication to greater depth – so that I can hear the voice of Karl’s soul. I keep focusing on his active life. I send him a strong message about my eagerness to receive whatever he has to say – even challenging things.

Keep writing in your journal until you feel a palpable sense of closure from them.

Then bless the whole exercise and close your book. Thank any guides or other powers that may have been supporting you.

Then resume your normal activities.

Do not despair

Please do not despair if nothing happens right away. If no words come back from your loved one, just keep writing. Often the way to oil the wheels of communication with a loved one who has died is merely to act as though it’s happening. Just write down whatever comes. And believe that they will respond – in their own time.

It’s okay to question, to allow tears. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that your loved does want to connect with you. It might just take a little time.