Blokes 4 Karl

In mid-April 2016, my acceptance muscles get a real workout. Karl offers up his first significant miracle when my dear friend, Steph Vajda and I hold the “Blokes 4 Karl” weekend working bee at our place. A group of Karl’s friends help me prepare the Nimbin property for sale.

Steph welding, 2009

My neighbor Lis Miller, a talented landscape designer, handles all the purchases and manages the landscaping projects.

I am not the only one to witness Karl’s first big miracle: nine men and two teenaged boys are astonished by (and completely accept) that time stands still that weekend. 

Eight hours expand to 12 or 13 hours. 

Sitting on the deck, I weep at the sounds of hammers, saws, drills, grinders, and sanders — remembering my beloved tradesman Karl (always with a different tool in his hand).

We are in the flow and accomplish twice the amount of work we’ve hoped for.

We transform the property’s buildings and landscaping, including completely refinishing the driveway.

Weeding Karl’s sacred garden
Painting the front hallway
Painting the living room
Sanding the ramp balustrades

The property sells a couple of months later (to the first buyer who viewed it).

Karl expresses massive relief and delight, reminding me that he was showing me how things would work in the future.

There is a caveat, of course: “You have to be still and listen to me, Wadie, okay?”

Karl is guiding me to continue to exercise my acceptance muscles.

Photo: Denny Thornborough
Photo: Denny Thornborough