Listening TO MY advisors: should I retire?

Listening to Karl’s advice helps me accept advice from my other advisors, many of whom are anxious about my PTS and my physical and cognitive impairments. I report to Karl on 27 April 2016 that Andrew Curthoys (my dearest friend and my surrogate son) has tentatively suggested that I retire. I had vehemently resisted that suggestion some years before.

Now, at last, I agree.

Then I ask Karl, “How will I manage — alone — and with little money? I hope you have great plans for me up your sleeves.”

Karl reassures me:

I am just around the corner. Listen to me. And please do not worry. You are the love of my life, and you are the love of my death. I am so near; I can breathe in your ear or tap you on the shoulder. It’s magic. It’s a marigold.

Where would we all be without Karl?

Later, I have another poignant email conversation with Andrew. In May 2017, I write to him from Vancouver, expressing what I call “my massive insight”: “Where would I be without Karl? I owe it all to Karl.” By that, I meant my professional successes.

Andrew replies astutely: “Where would we all be without Karl?”